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This site contains explicit sex scenes, so is very important that who visit us must be legal age..

The site gives to the users a space to show photographs, stories and videos with erotic and sex content and that is the autor's responsability, in that way doesn't have the responsibility about the content that can invade a third parties privacy or difamation acts from the autors. Also it's left in clear that all the content still reamaining to the user who use to public its work. The Photos are not realized by the team. do not have any kind of personal information or relative about the user who publics a photograph, except by the server logs that can be used in any legal action, for statistical aims.

We do not promot the sex practices as pedofilia or human been denigration but it's imposible to moderate all the users' content shown in this page, reason why it is thanked for immediately notify if at any moment you find this kind of content to

Any conetent that is downloaded by the user from our web, it will be dowloaded under its own risk, although we do not have dangerous content for the PC's, that's becouse the user will be the only person responsible for any damage to its PC or system as well as the loss of the data contained in such.


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